Avast Premier Anti-Virus Full Free with License Key Till 2038!

Yes!!! It’s true. Get Avast Premier anti-virus with free licence key. Avast is one of the free anti virus provider with initial functionalities that requires to secure a Computer or Smartphone.

Since Avast have been providing anti virus protection free of cost, it’s limited within some common and usual functionalities. People who doesn’t have enough to buy the premium version, could use this though it’s not very secure but it’ll give you the maximum of security protection to resist usual threats that occurs in your everyday use. The free anti viruses are not enough strong to protect your device from viruses like ‘Ransomware‘ which is a very dangerous and known virus nowadays.

Verified & Tested

I’ve been looking for an anti virus since I got attacked by Ransomware few days ago. Cuz, I don’t want to waste my money for a computer that I do use for test purposes. Usually I do use ESET NOD32 Antivirus for my regular used computer.

Suddenly, yesterday, I was scrolling YouTube and a video came up with “Get Avast Premier Anti-Virus with Free License Key” this title. I couldn’t resist myself from watching that. After following the procedures, it worked! [See in the image]


Avast Premier Anti Virus

I’m not sure how long this trick will work but I can assure you that this will work fine until it is stopped. So, let’s get started with how to install Avast Premier With Free License Key till 2038. 

Installation Process

  • First of all, download Avast_Premier_Anti-Virus
  • Unzip it after downloading the zip file with password:
  • After unzipping the file, you’ll get a folder named ‘Avast_Premier_Antivirus_Setup’

Avast Premier Anti Virus

  • Disable your internet connection by pulling out Ethernet cable or disconnecting Wi-Fi conncetion

Avast Premier Anti Virus


  • After opening the folder, you’ll see two files. 

    Avast Premier Anti Virus Free-techinadroid.comOpen the file named ‘Avast_Premier_Antivirus_Setup_Offline.exe’ avast premier will start to install on your computer (windows). 

    Avast Premier Anti Virus
    It’ll take few seconds or up to few minutes depending on your computer configuration… 

  • Once the installation is completed, put your Ethernet cable back into the computer or connect your computer again to Wi-Fi and open Avast Premier application and you can see it says “Your license is not valid”. Don’t worry, just click on Activate button below the warning.Avast Premier Anti Virus
    It’ll take you to the protection purchase window. Now click on “I already have a license” link from bottom-left of the window. 

    Avast Premier Anti Virus
    From this window, click on “Insert license file” and locate the license file which is in the extracted folder of Avast Premier installation file. Then open the file.Avast Premier Anti Virus
    Select product type to Avast Premier if it’s not selected by default. Otherwise, let it be as it is. Then hit the OK button. 

    Avast Premier Anti Virus
    It’ll ask you to confirm the license activation. Just simply click on “ACTIVATE” button. 

    Avast Premier Anti Virus
    You’ll see the confirmation message saying “Thanks you. Your license file has been inserted successfully.“! That’s all! 😀Now come back to the home to see that it is actually activated or not. You’ll see it says “You’re protected“. If it is not, then restart the application/pc and check again. It’ll definitely work as described.Avast Premier Anti Virus



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